Vol I No. 7
Daily Thought

This is the Day...

by William J. Martin




DSCF36441Fénelon reminds us that we must take with uttermost seriousness Jesus’ words: Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (St. Matt. vi. 34) He writes, Let us think only of the present, and not even permit our minds to wander with curiosity into the future. This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Ps. xxviii. 24) First we must rejoice in the gift of a new day. Next we must endeavor to take the Gift and find God’s Grace in it -around us, in others, and then as what God desires to bring alive in our own lives. Since we are sinners always, we must repent in the today and now of God’s nearness. We must ask the Lord to crucify us to the world, the flesh, the devil, and ourselves nowThe future is not yet ours: Perhaps it never will be. We might die in a few moments, this afternoon, this evening, or even in our sleep! So let us be ready to be judged as those whom our Lord will recognize today and nowIt is exposing ourselves to temptation to wish to anticipate God, and to prepare ourselves for things which He may not destine for us. God’s next best move is to be embraced in the this moment. When we speculate and conjecture, even with the best of motives, what God would have us to do then, we have lost Him forever now! So let us fear Him now, obey Him now, and be fulfillers of HIs will alone nowIf such things should come to pass, He will give us light and strength according to the need. So whatever may come to pass, we are only fitted to endure whatever it may be when we are right with God here and nowNevertheless not my will, but thy will be done, O Father. (St. Luke xxii. 42) Thus we must surrender at all times to the will of our Heavenly Father. Trying to see into the future is utterly sinful. Rather we must entrust our lives -ourselves, our souls and bodies, into the loving care of God now. If we do, His eternal Light will shine forth for us imparting wisdom and counsel to us as we hasten slowly. Why should we desire to meet difficulties prematurely, when we have neither strength nor light as yet provided for them? We must meet our present difficulties by supplicated the Divine Mercy and Compassion to aid us here and now. Never mind what might happen then. We need the Eternal light and strength now to be vessels of God’s indwelling truth and desire. Let us leave then to then, and in the now of God’s nearness seek His guidance and direction. Let us take heed to the present, whose duties are pressing. In the present, God wishes to lead and guide, inform and define, and rule and govern our souls’ thinking and willing. It is fidelity to the present which prepares us in the future. Fidelity and faithfulness in the present becomes the future. One moment moves into the next. So, dear friends, what is our spiritual disposition in the present. Father Crouse used to say, Don’t just do something, stand there! Indeed. Let us be still, open up to God’s will, and become instruments of His will. Then time will move on as present into present, and eternity will be approximated with the quiet mind’s waiting upon the Lord. (Comm. Fénelon: Letter xxii…xxiii)