Vol I No. 7
Daily Thought

The 39 Articles...

by William J. Martin

Thoughtful Prayer Book Anglicans believe that The 39 Articles of Religion ground them in the fundaments of the Christian religion and faith. They believe that they are written to guide the Anglican mind towards God and to retain its undivided attention. They do not tolerate the distractions of a spiritually immature Medievalism that is forever obsessed with incidental minutiae and beside-the-point theater. They insist that the Anglican mind give its complete and undivided attention to God in Himself, salvation, and the means to it. They draw the Anglican mind into the subjective acquisition of Objective Truth. The subject’s participation in the Divine Object’s motivation is all-important for the success of sanctification. The extreme ritualist attempts at reassertion of division and alienation from God through the idolatry of contrived difference is wholly discouraged. What is of the moment is the need to embrace God’s movement towards His Church and her believers by way of His Original Intent.