Vol I No. 7

Advent-Epiphany "Word" Series

by Paul Julienne

I have always been fascinated by language and words.  Words are special.   They enable interpersonal communication.  They also enable the articulation of the intelligibility of the world.  They are essential to our life as human beings.  The Word we receive from God is also special.   We speak of the Bible as God’s Word.  We also speak of Jesus as God’s Word, His Logos, the Word-made-flesh through Whom the words of the Bible come alive.

During Advent 2002 through Epiphany 2003 I had written a series of reflection on 9 different words that are appropriate to the season: life, judgement, joy, hope, truth, love, light, silence, and mystery.  This “Word” series presents slightly edited versions of the originals that had appeared in my church’s newsletter.  These thoughts are guided by the Great Tradition with coloration from my background as an Anglican and a scientist.   Some connect with themes from the sciences, but all seek to connect with the way of the Incarnate Word made manifest in Christ.   May these “words” bless you in contemplating his remarkable birth.

As each is published here in The Anglican Way, a link will be added until the series of 9 is complete.

  1. The word of life
  2. The word of judgment
  3. The word of joy
  4. The word of hope
  5. The word of truth
  6. The word of love
  7. The word of light
  8. The word of silence
  9. The word of mystery