Vol I No. 7
Daily Thought

Bourgeois Pélagianisme

by William J. Martin


If God really does exist, and if he does in fact bother about people, he cannot be so fearfully demanding as he is described by the faith of the Church. Moreover, I am no worse than others: I do my duty, and the minor human weaknesses cannot be as dangerous as all that. Here Benedict XVI is criticizing ‘bourgeois pelagianisme” or the view that God settles for less out of us rather than demanding more and thus desiring our perfection. The Pope Emeritus is spot on, against the permissive despair of the Antipope and his meretricious and deceitful mafia. God’s mercy is severe for a reason. It is the kind of love that inspires us to go and sin no more in order to be radically transformed by His Grace.