Vol I No. 7

Eggnog and how to use it all up


On a more seasonal note
and from the (very) occasional series
“Cooking with Cranmer”

Prayer Book Society President Fr. Gavin Dunbar has some practical tips when he writes:

Eggnog is on my mind,

— the home-made authentic stuff that makes my cat come begging when I pour a glass. (I dip my fingertip and he licks it off). Fortunately my parishioners believe in this culinary tradition and keep me well-stocked in season.

But with ample stocks there are opportunities for experiment and these are mine.

The first one is very simple – after you have drink your glass, or emptied out your jar/bottle/carafe, swish it out with orange juice. The tart and creamy combo is delicious (think creamsicle) and it prevents waste of the eggnog residues.

The second is eggnog trifle – which can be as simple as layers of ladyfingers (or pound cake cut in cubes or panettone torn in chunks), eggnog, and tart fruit or fruit preserves (St. Johns to-die-for Cranberry chutney excels, also its Figberry jam). Let it sit for a few hours at least for flavors to meld. (Of course you can add whipped cream and/or custard – vanilla pudding if you are slumming – but I don’t know that you need to.) The combo of cake moistened with sweet and spirited creamy eggy and tart-sweet fruit scores high in yum factor.

BTW For people who don’t want the alcohol in eggnog – I respect your preference! – I am told a little rum extract and some freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon will add the complexity that makes eggnog great.