Vol I No. 7
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Facebook decides the Devil is real & needs their protection

by sinetortus


In a curious turn of events,

Facebook blocked  promotion of a post for the Feast of St Dunstan

on the PBS USA facebook page

Facebook  blocked this on the following grounds :

“it uses an image or video that contains shocking, sensational, or excessively violent content

Evidently,  the problem was the mediaeval manuscript illustration above (on velum),

showing the saint (in a much celebrated episode)

evicting the Devil from his hermitage where he had come to tempt him,  by means of tongs….

To add to the curiosity of this, the objection was made (and the subsequent appeal rejected) AFTER the post had in fact already been promoted facebook at an earlier stage.


It is quite fascinating that Facebook feels it must protect the Devil.

There are several aspects to this that are of interest including that:


–clearly Facebook has decided –after careful deliberation– that the Devil is real as this would be logically a prerequisite to the further point that

— they need to protect the Devil

All of which seems rather interesting at a time when it would be widely assumed that such organisations as Facebook would not affirm the existence of the Devil !