Vol I No. 7
Daily Thought

God's Will

by sinetortus


God’s will is always being done. Are we aligning our wills with His will? God’s will is His unfolding desire in created time and space. His will is always being done because the laws of His logic and wisdom rule and govern the universe. We cannot escape the law of his logic and wisdom. It is the only formative, ruling, and governing principle that gives meaning to all things. That men choose to ignore and/or reject His rule and governance does not undermine God’s law in any way. He rules and governs all things according to the principles of His intellect. All things find their meaning in His rule and governance. All things find their meaning either positively as an alignment with His will or negatively as a rejection of His will. What we must remember is that His Will defines whatever choices that we make. His will is the sole law of logic that rules all human choices. That men choose to ignore or reject His truth does not change the fact that His truth rules. Man’s willful rejection of His truth simply means that they will suffer the consequences of refusing to align with it. The logic is that man will reap what he sows. Man will find truth in whatever way he has desired it. If he does not seek to find truth in God, he will find truth without God. God’s truth deems that this must be so. God’s will directs that man will be rewarded with whatever he has wanted. This is God’s will and the rule of God’s law. Man’s choices can never make God’s truth untrue; rather it makes men untrue to His truth. In choosing to be untrue to His truth men follow falsehood. What is false or untrue then defines who and what they become. Who and what they become are natures alienated from God’s truth. What God wills always takes place. That men do not perceive, detect, discover, embrace, follow, and acquiesce to it does not change the fact that His will is being done. Every choice we make reveals the rule of His will. His will is in operation. Our acceptance or rejection of it reveals where we are in relation to God. In these late, dangerous, and dark days as Christians let us remember that God’s will is being done. We receive what we deserve. If this means that the world will continue to assault the Body of Christ with perverse and profane idolatry and idiolatry, so be it. This is God’s will for those who reject Him. It is God’s will also that those who reject Him should persecute those who embrace Him. How could it be otherwise? There is no logic in tolerating what you cannot tolerate. It all makes good sense. In response, we must cleave all the more steadfastly to God’s will. In response, we must be strong in the Lord so that we can bring those who discover the ultimate futility and foolishness of sin back into the embrace of God’s will for them.