Vol II No. 5
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Lent and Easter -- Letter from the President

by sinetortus


What does it mean to be Christian in the Anglican tradition? What does it mean for Anglican unity and mission? Amid confusion and discord about those questions today, the witness of classical Anglicanism, embodied in the Prayer Book, Articles of Religion, and classical divines like Richard Hooker, remains at the core of any answer.

That’s why, as we draw near to Easter, and to the season of renewal and regeneration, we are pleased to announce the Prayer Book Society’s next theological conference in Savannah, October 24th-26th, on the theme “What is Classical Anglicanism”.

A distinguished group of speakers is participating: Bishop FitzSimons Allison, of South Carolina; Professors Torrance Kirby, of McGill, and Brad Littlejohn, scholars of the classical divine Richard Hooker; Samuel Bray, of Notre Dame, on questions of language and theology in the Prayer Book liturgy; Jesse Billett, scholar of liturgical history at the Toronto School of Theology; Neil Robertson, scholar of early modern thought at the University of King’s College, Halifax and Oliver and Joan O’Donovan, the distinguished British moral and political theologians have also been invited to join us again.

Savannah’s historic center is one of the loveliest cities in North America, and late October, when summer’s heat has abated, is a lovely time to visit it.

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The Society’s witness is also a practical one: in the run-up to the next Lambeth Conference it is engaged too in helping orthodox voices to be heard effectively. Only by standing together can we uphold the tradition we have received and set forward the mission to which we are called worldwide.

This work takes time and commitment, and it is our supporters like you who make all this possible. We are immensely grateful for all that you have given and hope that you will join us once more in support of all our work.

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Yours in Christ,

The Rev’d Gavin Dunbar, President, PBS-USA.

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