Vol I No. 7

News of Coming Events and the 2018 Conference

by sinetortus


After the great success of our conference last January
we are delighted to announce the dates
for the
The Prayer Book:
Doctrine, Liturgy and Life

in St. John’s Church and the DeSoto Hotel*
Savannah, Georgia
Wednesday 24th – 26th January 2018
NB some rooms are available this week
at a special rate at the DeSoto hotel until 22nd September

And happening even sooner! :

Can a thousand flowers bloom?
The Proposed Revision of the Liturgy
of the Episcopal Church

A One Day Colloquium
At the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas
20th October, 2017
The image shown above is of the new Ascension Chapel of Incarnation Church


The Episcopal General Convention of 2015 in Resolution A169 directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM)  “to prepare a plan for the comprehensive revision” of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the 1982 Hymnal and to present this to the next General Convention in Austin, Texas, in 2018. The Resolution further stated that the plan must “utilize the riches of our church’s liturgical, cultural, racial, generational, linguistic, gender and ethnic diversity in order to share common worship” and “take into consideration the use of current technologies which provide access to a broad range of liturgical resources.”

The Rev. Devon Anderson, deputy chair of the prayer book, liturgy and music legislative committee has stated that it will “consult with the breadth of cultural expression and participation throughout our church”.

The PBS has accordingly offered its expertise and is holding this colloquium as part of its wider reflection upon the principles that should guide Liturgy in the Anglican and Episcopal churches given that we are all heirs of the Prayer Book tradition that has done so much to define and shape what authentic Anglican Christianity comprises. What does this entail for the concept of “revision” and are there challenges which such revision might pose to the traditional Prayer Book usage and even Rite I in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer?


‘The Anglican Way:
Evangelical and Catholic’

A Lecture by Dr Roberta Bayer
Editor of the Anglican Way
11 a.m. 30th September
All Angels Anglican Church
5515 Cherokee Ave., Suite 303, Alexandria, VA 22312


Dr. Bayer is Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College where her teaching also covers Mediaeval, Renaissance and Reformation thought, she has been the long serving Editor of the PBS Journal the Anglican Way and also edited in 2012 a volume of essays, entitled Reformed and Catholic: Essays in Honor of Peter Toon of which copies will be available at the Lecture or can be ordered via https://www.amazon.com/Reformed-Catholic-Essays-Honor-Peter/dp/1610976886