Vol I No. 7
All Saints

Prayer Before Holy Communion

by William J. Martin

before communion service

Blessed be my God who is pleased to call me once again to the Reconciliation Feast: and after all my breaches with Him, and all my sins against Him, yet to grant me a new indulgence; and to seal my pardon afresh in the precious blood of His Dear Son, that was shed to take away the sins of the world.

At thy gracious invitation, Lord, I am bold  to come, looking for that blessed benefit, which I know myself so unworthy to receive; that thou mightest justly bar up the doors or mercy against me, and withhold thy saving good from me. But thy mercies O Blessed God are not to the deserving and worthy, but to the miserable and needy. O let me find them as I need them; according to the riches of thy bounty, and according the the greatness of my necessity.

I have no might for this great work: but I will go in thy strength, O Lord my God. Give me, I beseech thee, the dispositions, which thou requirest. And work in me, what thou callest forth from me. O let me find thy hand upon me, thy help with me, thy Grace sufficient for me.

The Rev. Benjamin Jenks, Late Vicar of Harley, and Chaplain to the Right Honorable Earl of Bedford