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Vol I No. 7

That Old Serpent - Fr. William H. Ralston Jr's Essays


Esteemed essayist William Ralston delves into the core of traditional Anglicanism with eloquence and insight, exploring timeless themes like language, prayer, and authority that have shaped Anglican thought and spirituality for generations.

Covering a spectrum of topics from the rich liturgical heritage to the delicate nuances of theological discourse, Ralston weaves a tapestry of essays that resonate with the beauty and depth of the Anglican tradition. His writings serve as a guide for those seeking a meaningful connection to the roots of their faith, offering a compelling blend of historical perspective and contemporary relevance.

“That Old Serpent” stands as a monument to Ralston’s perspective on the distinctive character of Anglican thought. Whether you are a lifelong Anglican or a reader seeking to understand the nuances of this venerable tradition, Ralston’s essays provide an enriching and enlightening glimpse into the essence of classical Anglicanism.