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by Sydney Nicole Thomas
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Anglican Way Vol 37, No 1

Readers will be pleased to hear that the latest issue of the quarterly Anglican Way has been released.

This Spring 2014 issue features a lively exchange between Lutheran theologian John Warwick Montgomery and members of the Prayer Book Society Board, including the Rev. Gavin Dunbar,  Gillis J. Harp, the Rev. Alistair Macdonald-Radcliffe, and Roberta Bayer, each of whom have responded to a provocative article written by Dr. Montgomery on English theology and churchmanship which will be published in an upcoming issue of the Global Journal of Classic Theology.

The magazine includes a contribution from Bill Murchison on the early days of the Prayer Book Society, and a helpful piece for young people and recent converts in which the Rev. Frederick Erb III explores parishes where the 1928 BCP can be found in use. The Rev. Gavin Dunbar, president of the Prayer Book Society, has offered commentary on ACNA’s new formularies and a response to the Rev. Jonathan Mitchican on the topic of Children, Confirmation, and Communion.

The Rev. James Basinger has written a review of Worshipping Trinity by Robin Parry. Editor Roberta Bayer has provided thoughtful observations on the busyness of Lent and the meaning of labor,  while Allison Steinberg and John Boonzaaijer have reminded us that the 1928 Ordo Calendar is an excellent resource to help structure our busy lives in this Lenten season. The calendar may be ordered from Whithorn Press.

Find the Spring 2014 issue of Anglican Way here or at the Prayer Book Society, USA, and watch for the magazine to appear in your local parish.