Vol I No. 7
Anglican Communion

The 2018 Conference is over but the date for 2019 is coming soon!

by sinetortus



The Prayer Book:

Doctrine, Liturgy and Life.

Registration for the coming conference in Savannah from 24-26th  January 2018 has now closed but the dates of next year’s conference will be announced soon:



The proceedings built on the  success of the 2017 Conference,  Anglicanism Catholic and Reformed.

This year the themes looked at in our main sessions related to the Prayer Book and

  • The Doctrine of the Church
  • Authority, Truth and Unity in the Church
  • “The Twentieth-Century Baptismal Revolution:
    Is the Classical Prayer Book Really Obsolete?”
  • The Offertory & Pelagius:
    Did the Prayer Book Tradition protect us from an ancient heresy
    that was re-opened in the 1979 BCP”
  • Apologetics: Retrieving our Older Precedents”.
  • “Renewing the Christian Imagination: Inhabiting the City of God in a Secular Age”
  • “Being Reasonably Anglican: Religion without tears?”

As well as

Preaching the Eucharistic Lectionary
– The Prayer Book in English Literature
– The proposed “comprehensive revision” of the BCP in the Episcopal Church

Those presenting and speaking included:

The Revd. Dr Paul Avis, The Very Revd. Laurie Thompson, Dean of Trinity School for Ministry, PA.: Dr. Jesse Billett, Trinity College Toronto, The Revd. Fr. Gavin Dunbar (Society President), Dr Christopher Wells (Editor of The Living Church), Dr Paul Julienne, Joint Quantum Institute University of Maryland, Dr Stephen Blackwood, Dean William McKeachie, The Revd. Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff and Dr. Michael Hurley.