Vol I No. 7
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After Successful 2017 Conference, The Society Announces plans for another conference in 2018!

by sinetortus


The Society was pleased to welcome well over one hundred participants to its 2017 Conference in Savannah.  Such has been the positive response that the Board at its meeting on the last day of the Conference decided announce its intention to hold another conference next year in what it is hoped will become an annual event. Further details of the time will be announced later this year in good time to allow for plans to be made well in advance.

Meanwhile, the Society looks forward to making the addresses along with summaries of the interlocutor responses from the 2017 Conference available as soon as the technicalities allow.

Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff

Conference Organiser

PBS USA  International Advisor

The main sessions held during the conference were as follows:

Session I: An Historical Overview of the Reformation Context

Dr. Gillis Harp

Professor of History, Grove City College and PBS Board Member

Session II: Sanctification

The Revd. Dr. Oliver O’ Donovan, 

Professor of Moral Theology Edinburgh and formerly of Oxford

Session III  The Nature and Future of the Reformation liturgy

The Revd. Fr. Gavin Dunbar

President of the PBS USA, Rector of St. John’s Savannah

SESSION IV  “It is required that you do awake your faith*” 

The Elizabethan Settlement and the Drama of a Catholic  Reformation:  

(*The Winter’s Tale, V.3 ll.94-5

Dr Neil Robertson, Professor of Humanities, University of King’s College Halifax

SESSION V  The Public Authority of the Church in the Cranmerian Tradition

Dr. Joan O’Donovan, University of Edinburgh


“The Holy Scriptures, or That Which Is Agreeable to the Same”:

The Scriptural Catholicity of the Prayer Book

Dr. Jesse Billett, Trinity College, University of Toronto


Incarnational Reading: A Tractarian View of the Authority of Scripture

The Revd. Dr. George Westhaver, Principal of Pusey House, Oxford

SESSION VII  Anglicanism catholic & reformed: Quo Vadis?    A Panel Discussion

(shown in the photograph above)

Dr. Roberta Bayer, The Revd. Dr. Oliver O’Donovan, Dr. Gillis Harp,

Dr. Neil Robertson, The Revd. Dr. George Westhaver.

Choral Evensong  With Sermon by Professor Oliver O’Donovan (on Romans V)

Session VIII   Apologetics Now, Science Faith and Contemporary Culture

Dr. Paul Julienne, Professor University of Maryland &

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) emeritus

Session IX  Liturgy Now 

American, English and Canadian Perspectives: Panel Discussion

The Revd Fr. Gavin Dunbar, The Revd. Dr. Arnold Klukas,

The Revd. Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff, Dr. Jesse Billett.

Closing Conference Eucharist,  With  Sermon: The Revd. Dr. George Westhaver