Vol I No. 7

The Catechesis Project : "I am His" by Fr Gavin Dunbar

by sinetortus

The Catechesis Project Book:

I am His

Teaching the faith, or Catechesis, is a profoundly important ministry, to which the Prayer Book Society is deeply committed. The challenges and confusions facing the Church in the modern world make the need for accurate teaching greater than ever. The Catechesis Project aims to provide a solid and sure footing, teaching the fundamentals of Christianity, and essentials of Anglican doctrine, in an accessible and compelling manner.

The Common Prayer Catechesis Project is a curriculum for discipling, teaching, and training up children, youth, and adults in the Anglican Way of Faith, Worship, and Life.

  • Groundedin the Bible, the Creeds, the classical Anglican Prayer Books and Articles of Religion
  • Age-appropriate—for children, for youth, for adults
  • User-friendly—equipping volunteers for effective teaching
  • Adaptablefor small missions and family-size churches, as well as larger, established program churches

The curriculum guides learning in these core areas:

  • The Prayer Book Catechism—the benefits and promises of Baptism; the Creed; the Commandments; Prayer; and the Sacraments—especially for those about to be confirmed
  • The Prayer

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