Vol II No. 5
Daily Thought

The Holy Communion

by William J. Martin



Christ’s Sacrifice notwithstanding is revived, and freshly laid out before our eyes, in the ministration of the Holy Mysteries. … by way of a Sacrament He is offered every day unto the people, not at Easter only, but every day. … For if Sacraments had not a certain likeness of the things whereof they be Sacraments, then should they indeed be no Sacraments. … Thus is the Sacrifice of Christ’s Passion expressed in the Holy Ministration by an action there done not by the priest alone, but by the Communion and participation of the people; … This Sacrifice of Christ on His Cross is called the ‘Daily Sacrifice’ not for that it must be renewed every day, but for that, being once done, it standeth good for all days, and for ever.” (Jewell, Reply, 1565, edn. Ayre, 1845: 167).

Bishop John Jewel