Vol I No. 7
Daily Thought

The Soul's Care

by William J. Martin

Donne statue



Eternal and most glorious God, suffer me not so to undervalue myself as to give away my soul, Thy dear and precious soul, for nothing; and all the world is nothing, if the soul must be given for it. Preserve therefore my soul O Lord, because it belongs to Thee, and preserve my body because it belongs to my soul. Thou alone dost steer my boat through all its voyage, but hast a more especial care of it, when it comes to a narrow current, or to a dangerous fall of waters. Thou hast care of the preservation of my body in all the ways of my life; but, in the straits of death, open Thine eyes wider, and enlarge Thy Providence towards me so far that no illness or agony may shake and benumb my soul. Do Thou so make my bed in all my sickness that, being used to Thy hand, I may be content with any bed of Thy making. John Donne

Today let us see our souls as in the hands of our Heavenly Father. Let us commit our souls to Him that in every thought, word, or deed we reflect His will for our souls as expressed through our bodies. Let us stop selling our souls to the service of Mammon and to the changes, chances, and tergiversations of the Devil. Let us cease to enlist our souls in the work of nothingness. Let us endeavor to please God in all our lives, just for today. For tonight we may meet our Maker.