Vol I No. 7
Anglican Communion

"To foreign lands no sound of her is come" - Reflecting on the expansion of the Anglican Communion then and now....

by sinetortus


Abp and Mrs Geoffrey Fisher small

At a time when the future of the Anglican Communion as a true Communion, rather than mere Community is under some travail, it is interesting to see how different the perspective was in the middle of the last century when the Revd. Walter Stowe (1895-1989)  enthused most optimistically in his article ahead of the 2nd Anglican Congress held in Minneapolis in 1954, entitled,  “The Expansion of the Anglican Communion” in the Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, (Vol. 23, No. 2, JUNE, 1954, pp. 114-116) of which he was the managing editor for almost three decades: (Please click on the link below to read it)

Walter H. Stowe on the Expansion of the Anglican Communion

The photograph shows the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher and his wife boarding the Scythia en route to the event.