Vol I No. 7
Anglicans Worldwide

Women Bishops: the Church of England in the Life of the Nation

by The Editors

Writing for Aleteia, the Rev. Canon Alistair MacDonald-Radcliffe, Member of the Prayer Book Society’s Board, explains “Why Anglicans Made Women Bishops” in the recent General Synod vote after opposing the change in the recent 2012 vote. He writes:

So with such deeply entrenched but opposing positions what changed? The fact that it was not felt possible to leave this matter to the usual slow procedural processes and that it was also seen as especially urgent by the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, since the time of his installation, reflects some important factors unique to the position of the Church of England in the life of the nation. These have to do with the complicated ways in which the Church of England relates to wider society and culture which is why the expectations of the wider society outside its doors seems to have weighed so heavily in the end.

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Photo: The Archbishop of York, www.archbishopofyork.org.