Vol I No. 7
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An Outline Schedule for the PBS Anglican Way Conference 2019

by sinetortus

The following sets out an overview of what is currently scheduled for each day, but it remains subject to some degree of likely revision (most particularly in terms of the exact order of the presentations).


Thursday 24thOctober

Arrivals and Registration from 12 noon.


1 p.m. Official Opening of the Conference and

Presidential Address

By the Revd. Fr. Gavin Dunbar


“Goodness had nothing to do with it” 

Classical Anglicanism à la Elizabeth I to Mae West, & William H. Ralston, 

Dean William McKeachie, 



Authentic Anglicanism: Beyond Price and Prudence? 

Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff, 



The InauguralAnglican Way Lecture:

The Elusiveness of Freedom

Fitzsimons Allison, Retired Bishop of South Carolina;


Followed by the Conference Reception



Friday 25thOctober


Morning Prayer


The Hermeneutics of Presence 

in Reformation Sacramental Debates,

Torrance Kirby,

McGill University;

F.D. Maurice, the Eucharist & Anglican formularies

Jesse Billett, 

Trinity College, Toronto;


Extended Luncheon break


Hooker and the Meaning of Anglican Conservatism,

Bradford Littlejohn, 

The Davenant Institute;

The Shape Fallacy, 

Reconsidering the Book of Common Prayer as Text, 

Samuel Bray, 

Notre Dame University Law School;

Choral Evensong

with Address :

Recollection, Boethius & Anglicanism, 

Stephen Blackwood, Ralston College;

Saturday 26thOctober, 2019      

(a morning only program) 

Morning Prayer


Hooker, Wilson, Natural Law & the American Constitution

Roberta Bayer,

Patrick Henry College;

‘We know not what to say’:  Epistemic Humility in John Donne’s ‘A Litany’. 

David Anderson,

University of Oklahoma:

Anglicanism in the Age of Modernity, 

Neil Robertson,

King’s College, Halifax;

A Fondness for Dead Bishops: 

The Parker Society and the Library of Anglo Catholic Theology

in the Church of England

Richard Mammana, 

Founder of Project Canterbury

Closing Eucharist