Vol I No. 7

From the Editor’s Desk

Easter is a time for rejoicing, as we commemorate and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the work of redemption he accomplished through his sacrifice for us on the cross. This makes it an appropriate time also to dwell on the fundamentals of our faith, in terms of how we understand Baptism, Sanctification and Justification. Precisely these subjects comprise the body of this edition. In addition we have our regular features such as the Catechesis section and column on Music and Faith, while our President Fr Dunbar opens with some moderately sobering reflections on the latest outpourings of what used to be called “enthusiasm”. Lastly, a somewhat extended Endnotes Section brings together some of the resources that informed the recent actions of the Church of England Synod. Odd as it seems, it is not yet entirely clear what the Synod approved, or what exactly the draft texts for same-sex couples would actually effect. Nonetheless, the potential consequences for the already precarious unity of the global Anglican Communion threaten to be large indeed. Anglican ecclesiology would seem likely to be a topic to which we shall soon need to return! Do please note that there will be a conference at the Church of the Advent in Boston from 16th – 18th November exploring the use of the North African Fathers by Anglicans and next year’s PBS Conference is planned for March 2024 at St John’s Church in Savannah.