Vol I No. 7
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PBS Dallas Colloquium on Daily Prayer in Anglicanism

by sinetortus

Dallas colloquium generic flyerThe Society held the first of its two planned colloquia in Dallas at the Parish of the Holy Cross, on the theme of Daily Prayer in Anglicanism.  The event featured opening presentations by the Society President Fr. Gavin Dunbar, who gave an historical overview and the Editor of the Magazine Dr. Roberta Bayer looked at the “Daily Office as a Means to Christian Renewal”.

The newly elected Bishop of Dallas, Dr. George Sumner (previously of Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto) addressed the luncheon which was also attended by Bishop Anthony Burton, formerly of the diocese of Northern Saskatchewan (and now rector of the Church of the Incarnation Dallas).

The Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese, James Stanton also spoke, along with PBS Board Members Mr. William Murchison of the Church of the Incarnation and Dean William McKeachie of  St. Andrews’, Fort Worth as well as The Revd.  Dr. Jeremy Bergstrom of the Diocese of Dallas and formerly of St John’s Savannah.

The Rev. Fr. Matthew Olver, Lecturer in Liturgy at Nashotah House in his paper addressed the  “Future Challenges to the Anglican Liturgical Tradition.” A presentation on the subject of “Music and Daily Prayer” was made by Mr. Graham Schultz, the Assistant Organist and Choir Director of the Church of the Incarnation and  PBS Advisor Canon Alistair Macdonald- Radcliff preached the Sermon at the closing Evensong held in the Church of the Holy Cross.