Vol I No. 7
Daily Thought


by William J. Martin


We pray the Holy Spirit to give us the Grace to follow Jesus. But this doesn’t mean that Jesus should ever be up ahead of us. Ontologically, of course, He is. But practically speaking we ought not to over-theologize the matter. If Jesus is up ahead of us, we are behind, lagging behind, dragging our feet, or taking a rest with the devil. Jesus knows that we are behind. We have left the passionate and zealous motions of His Holy Spirit uncanvassed, uncadged, and unclaimed. Jesus’ Holy Spirit never forces Himself upon us. But He desires that we should not be looking at the back of Jesus. He longs for us to walk alongside the Master and look into His face as He leads us forward into the Father’s embrace. If ye love me, keep my commandments. And God knows we cannot do that if we are not keeping up with the Master through the Grace of His Holy Spirit. Besides, He doesn’t look back. He hasn’t the time. The friends that follow Him walk alongside Him, engaging in that ongoing dialectic that ensures their salvation. Friends, let us bet determined to catch up, keep up the pace, and walk alongside our loving Lord. When others catch up, we can tell them what Jesus is saying.